21 Days of Survival during Home Quarantine

Day 1:Sachet walker welcomes you to vikaram samvat 2077

celebrating summer Navratri with what ever little resources we have and being in south india we ought to celebrate Ugadi

A festival giving equal importance to  sweetness and bitterness as having neem and jagery together.checking on our Titiksha (enduarance).

Titikskha is wealth of staying holding on to something even when things are turning otherwise .

I certainly hope that these 21 days will enhance our endurance capability.

  Day 1-I am living in Apartment with a  view of lucioius green corn crops from Balcony .I am trying hands on Gardening with almost 30 plus big-small planters .Reviving few of the almost dried plants with my Bach flower .

Even it is beginning of Quarantine. Me and my husband already fought two home battles over trivial issues.

First one as out of 80 houses some 10 house members come and ready to celebrate Holi celebration.

We came together for  made 100 battis,played Tambola while winning something in every 6 turn.Now we are playing Holi with Male ,Female and children .

Somehow my husband got furious about if (as gathering of more than 5)we argued ,shouted and then get into silence for one whole day.

However ,nowhere to go is applied for both for us..anyways we have to live amicably that peace last only for next few days.

Second fight begin with my neighbour GAUTAMI come along with her daughter to offer some half kg of colourful roses plucked from nearby rose garden.I took it affectionately and somehow I ended up at her house ..now her well decorated home with priority to white sofa,white dinning ..mirror encompassing whole front wall working as divider.

Her 2 year daughter showing many skills of reading alphabets books.trying to speak little words and full of expressions and beauty of innocence.

However my husband woke up started looking for me.Trying to reach me over phone which was left in room.   

After hearing two door bang I came out of neighbour home and meet him at Hallway in mid of both houses.

He immediately started shouting at me irrespective of place .i tried to calm him down and later its repercussion can be ssen whole next day.

My greatest help is Sri Sri (Gurudev )online mediation twice once in afternoon 12 oclock and day time with evening soothing 7:30 PM.

Gurudev is taking us to meditative world opening up new dimensions of inner world.you also try to meditate  it will enhance some capabilities.

Survival status-day 1 spend in Navratri fast yes those roses played beautifying role  and Ugadi message of staying endurance /Titiksha in every stage of life.

Day 2:

At the end you have to friendly and cordial with whom so ever you are locked in.May be 21 days or a lifetime!!

So,i am also certainly doing it only way is Meditation and yoga are helping me alot.

Day 3:We keep on longing for Money ,power and tons of fortune..

Isn’t?Yes then ask your money ,fame ,fortune to give you silence and contemplation of mind .

what generally happened is we keep on thriving for more and more instead of waiting and enjoying .Whatever we have >>

That feeling of Santosh ki jitna hai bhut hai /jitna hai kafi hai abhi ke liye.

That is what mediation and yoga practices give you.

However joined online Advance mediataion by Art of living and given task of writing 10 positive ,10 negative about myself.

Day 5 -Day 6-Gone through some deep experience of Hollow and Empty

This is greatness of my Master that make difficult task of staying indoor and socially cutoff time became serine and soothing experience of lifetime.I was feeling more thrilled as last time i did my ADVANCE COURSE in ashram when video of four pillars of knowledge started (those green leaf and water droplet )taken me back to Gauri Hall .

As soon as my master arrives at the screen and started speaking my heart goes like AWWH……!!!!

Sometime i have to awake myself to make my mind to listen whatever he is speaking.

Sri Sri discussed about Viveka(Discrimanation),Vairagya(Passion -Dispassion).That means you have to be fully committed to every actions of yours and same time let not feverishness reach the mind.

Art of living programmes are extraordinary beautiful and once MASTER HAS ALLOWED for online version of it .It is like Master is finding modern solution for modern problems.

In my experience –This Advance course was like touching my sublte Prana level while running across home.I was doing my daily activites of cooking delicious food on first day i COOKED POORI-SABJI (my husband wakeup and saw everything .He came to me with Aadi mudra as it is looking astonishing).Second day was filled with Cheakpeas (aloo-chana).

This was not it..He keep on giving his inputs on whole world affairs.Meanwhile BigBasket cancelled our order of all essential item and was showing no more slot available(Hubby bring 25 kg of rice and all unnecessary good too)

Irrespective of whatever you do and how qualified or not qualified one is these mediation helps to open new dimensions.

At the end Gurudev asked us to do charity and support each other in form of Shram shakti,in form of wealth donation and if nothing at all possible then rise up giving blessing .

Quality advice by G

  • For practising sama and dama you have to have control on your body ,dont sit on a toaster if someone start saying something.
  • When you have a larger goal in life then you are completely dedicated to it.Forget about eating,sleeping or anything.
  • Speak in such a way that it create silence in mind and joy in heart.
  • follow the rule of tatastu devta angle that are surrounding mediators so watch your words and stay in abundance.
  • Har raat khali ho kar sona hai.

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